Our Trailers are custom built frames for Tiny Homes


Our tiny house trailers are designed with safety in mind. The last thing you want to do is build your house on a trailer that is either undersized or that does not allow for the house to be securely attached to it. Our trailers are built to the heavy-duty standards that tiny houses require and allow for the maximum number of connection points between the house and the trailer, ensuring that the two stay safely bonded together for the life of your home. 

Trailer Details

Steel Flange


A steel flange welded to the sides provides the perfect place to attach your tiny house to the trailer. It also reduces the amount that the house overhangs the sides of the trailer. 

Heavy Duty Axles


Tandem 5200 lbs. (10,000 GVW) on our 12'-20' trailers, tandem 7000 lbs. (14,000 GVW) on our 24' trailers, and triple 7000 lbs. (21,000 GVW) on our longer trailers are more than enough for most tiny houses. 

Electric Brakes


Electric brakes on both axles as well as an emergency breakaway kit ensure that you'll be able to stop your house when needed. 

Satety Chains


Safety chains ensure your trailer and vehicle are never apart during transport. 

High Load Radial Tires


These tires are designed to carry a heavy load, so they hold up well under the strain of moving a tiny house. 

No Wood Decking


Two steel beams replace the wood decking. This provides another secure surface to attach your house to while reducing the total weight of the trailer. 

Our Trailers are custom built by Tinyhomebuilders.com


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