Welcome to Living Tiny

Our Journey


We are Levi and Chandler Green and we started Living Tiny in 2018. My wife had the idea of building Tiny homes and creating a YouTube channel to document the process. She is the most driven and creative person I know. Knowing that, I knew whatever she put her mind to it would succeed. As we put together the plans for our first home it started to come to life. Her interior design is open, clean, and functional. 

We partnered with my Brent Green with over 20 years of building and design experience and hundreds of full-scale homes completed, he brings a unique perspective to the challenges and opportunities of tiny houses. Our goal is to help improve lives by supporting economic freedom, intentional living, and sustainability. We believe that great design and quality housing should be affordable and attainable. Being a Navy Veteran Living Tiny was a part of life while serving. Taking what I learned from my time in the service and what true essentials I needed to live simple has help us know what is important in a home.  

In July of 2018 we designed our first home, started our channel and within a few weeks started building. Our first Tiny home was named "The Lifestyle". From the earliest stages, we are thinking not just about form and function, but also cost and customer satisfaction. Our homes are built with the same precision and luxury of a full-size home. 

Our Mission is to produce quality mobile dwellings for a lifestyle of Freedom. We believe form and function should drive not only the design of each home, but every single detail, too. We never compromise on quality. We are deeply committed to help our customer live freely. 

 We want to provide our customers with the ability to spend more time on the things they love and have the fiances to do so. Living Tiny gives you the ability to pay off your home 4 times as fast as a traditional home. Plus the Freedom to move with ease. 

Day 1


Starting Day 1 with our custom built trailers from TinyHomeBuilders.com. We use only the best trailer to build our homes on. This is the foundation of your home and is the most important part. 

Day 60


Finished on Day 60 your home is complete and ready to be shipped. We use the best materials, appliances and contractors in the industry to make sure your home is done right and on time.