Frequently Asked Questions


The Bathroom


Q: Is the Bathroom a regular toilet and shower? 

A: We can build it either way. We can put in a regular toilet or a composting toilet. The showers in our tiny home are full bath and showers. 

The Loft


Q: How big of a bed can i put in the loft?

A: The Loft is big enough for a king size bed with room to spare. 

Hooking up the water


Q: How do I hook up the water?

A: The water is hooked up through a water hose bibb under the the home. 



Q: Are the appliances small?

A: The appliances are full size appliance you would see in a normal home. 



Q: How do you get tho the loft?

A: There is a ladder to the loft. We can also build homes with stairs. 

The Weight


Q: How much does a Tiny home weigh?

A: These homes range from 8,000 lbs - 19,000 lbs 



Q: What size truck do I need to tow this home?

A: This home can be towed with a 1/2 ton Truck.

Hooking up the Electric


Q: How do you get power to the home? 

A: You can hook it up like a standard service to a power pole or we can wire it for a plug to me more mobile. 

Have more Questions?

Feel Free to contact us. We can't wait to hear from you. 

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